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About Me

Hello, I am Deji Okufi, I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am an  ex-model and I love exploring, researching and analysing the fashion and modeling industry. I have been involved with the fashion industry through the modeling industry (they are connected like that) for seven years now. As an ex-model I have experienced various aspects of the industry first hand (I am no expert yet though). The F and F Fashion initiative came about as a result of my discontent with the Nigerian modeling industry. I have experienced how difficult the industry can be without any guidance, especially for the amateurs (I have also seen some professionals struggle). So I decided to research the industry and post my findings on this blog. My goal is to contribute immensely to the African Modeling industry and fashion industry at large by helping as many people as possible  achieve their own goals/dreams in the industry.

You will be reading posts from me and Dara Ogbetah.

About You

Why add an about you section in our about me page? Well, because this blog is all about showing others the results of my research, reviews and analysis  that I have worked on. While I will be making a living with this blog, I will only ever recommend ideas, products, etc. that I have researched, analysed, used and seen other people try (and it worked for them) that I think will work for you too. I sincerely believe that assisting other people is a good  way of living my life meaningfully. I will always try to respond to every comment and Tweet that I get. My goal is to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible.  

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