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  1. Jessica

    Wow!!! I just came across this and it’s nice. This will really go a long way to encourage those that are having second thoughts on becoming a model.

    • Deji Okufi

      Thank you Jessica
      That’s the purpose of the post, to encourage as many people as possible! “You can do it! “

  2. Wale

    Free Stuff, Regular Travel, and I get paid for getting them :D. I’m sold!! I gotta be a model!! But how about those of us without the looks? Can we just be hand models and get the same benefits?

    • Deji Okufi

      Hello Wale.
      The modeling agency has grown so big that it accommodate just about any “look”. You can be a commercial model or hand model and enjoy all these benefits!

  3. Mary

    My favourite reason is making money, especially in this economy

    • Deji Okufi

      IKR! That’s probably every other person’s favourite reason.

  4. Immanuela


    • Deji Okufi

      Thank you

  5. Joy

    It’s quite difficult getting a modelling job in Nigeria, especially with the economic situation of the country, What do you have to say to that?

    • Deji Okufi

      Hello, thank you for commenting.
      Firstly you need a strategy.
      Your strategy should involve getting a good agency.
      Then you should decide on the market that suits you.
      Then you need to work really hard.

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