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Unveiled: The 5 ‘Biggest’ Fashion Brands In The World

Unveiled: The 5 ‘Biggest’ Fashion Brands In The World

More often than not we come across some designs or fashion more frequently than the others, these are perhaps the biggest fashion brands in the world. Some have become so big and popular that buying some of the designs could be seen as a statement of class. After all most of these brands were branded to make them look and feel as luxurious as possible. Wearing some of these luxurious brands could even be used to err say determine social class and status. Afterall there’s an adage that goes “dress the way you want to be addressed”.


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The Biggest Fashion Brands At The Moment

According to a research done by global fashion search engine, Lyst and The Business of Fashion, the biggest fashion brands in the world have been unveiled

These companies have created a formula that can analyse fashion houses through search, page-views, engagement and conversions through the second quarter of the year, April to June. They were able to track more than 65 million annual consumers, four million products and 12,000 brands.

So which is the world’s ‘biggest’ fashion brands?


  • Gucci:

Alessandro Michele’s maximalist-magpie aesthetic that saw Gucci come in at first place. Rising three places in the ranking, it not only topped the list but was also ranked highest in the ‘Top Products’ report, taking four spots out of a possible 10. Why is this so? Business of Fashion reported that the brand’s success is all thanks to Michelle’s ability to connect with millennials and generation-Z consumers


Alessandro Michele’s maximalist-magpie number one amongst the biggest fashion brands


  • Yeezy: 

Following Gucci on the list was Yeezy who stayed a non-mover at second place thanks to the buzz surrounding its footwear offering.


Yeezys aming the biggest fashion brands in the world


  • Balenciaga: 

Balenciaga leapt from ninth to third place taking Demna Gvasalia’s streetwear attitude to couture. This, the research shows, is thanks to the brand’s fashion-insider take on branding including which included riffs on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.


Balenciaga one of the biggest Fashion brands in the world


  • Givenchy: 

Givenchy leapt seven spots from twelfth place to round out the top five.




  • Versace:

And the top 5 biggest fashion brands list concludes with Versace.



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