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Author: Deji Okufi

E Fab Creations Unviels New Collection

E Fab Creations is fashion company I have been following for a while and so far so good I must confess, no disappointments. I have been really impressed. from their perfectly sewed garments to their ingenious designs and even naming of attires. They’ve been really bold and they deserve all the applaud and cash in the bank really.   Buy the most affordable pieces from E Fab Creations without compromising on quality @Efabcreations Click To Tweet   E Fab Creations stands for Everything Fabulous. That’s a well deserving name as their designs are actually Fabulous and lit! Did I...

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Meet Victoria Enwereji, The Hard Working Model Ready To Storm The Industry

Victoria Enwereji is a rising star and would soon become one of the most sought-after faces in the modelling industry. She is definitely one of the most hardworking models I know in the Industry. Always working out or working on her cat walk. It’s only just a matter of time before she starts strutting the runways of major fashion shows in the world. She’s repped by Isis Models. Once Victoria Enwereji signed her new contract with Isis, I just knew I had to interview her! So I interviewed her about her modelling career and her expectations. Stay glued to learn...

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Unveiled: The 5 ‘Biggest’ Fashion Brands In The World

More often than not we come across some designs or fashion more frequently than the others, these are perhaps the biggest fashion brands in the world. Some have become so big and popular that buying some of the designs could be seen as a statement of class. After all most of these brands were branded to make them look and feel as luxurious as possible. Wearing some of these luxurious brands could even be used to err say determine social class and status. Afterall there’s an adage that goes “dress the way you want to be addressed”.   Click To Tweet...

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Fashions Finest Africa Renaissance Unviels Their Fab Four Designers

It’s a season for lots and lots of Fashion events, after all it’s summer (okay we don’t really have summer in Nigeria, but  you get the drift, yeah?), Fashions Finest Africa Renaissance is not one to be left out as they recently joined the list of many fashion events that will be held constantly in Nigeria. This is actually good news for the fashion industry and the modelling industry. There are more platforms for fashion designers to show case their designs and even more platforms for models to shine. You can expect to see some of these models on the runway...

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World Bodypainting Festival, Models Are Transformed To Living Forms Of Art

Warning; Contains Nudity During the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria, models were magically transformed into what could have only been beautiful pieces of living arts, it was a  sight to behold. About more than 30,000 spectators were gathered to see the exotic and imaginative designs thought up. Artists and models competed in different categories including brush, sponge, ultraviolet and special effects. According to the organisers, artists and designers gathered from about 40 countries in the world to participate in this year’s world bodypainting festival. Some of the models looked like they had sprung out from one of those fantasy novels while...

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