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The Beth Model Academy August Masterclass

The Beth Model Academy August Masterclass

Beth Model Academy August Masterclass registration is on! The registration is on until the 30th of July. The Master Class will take place for two days, 19th to the 20th of August.

Beth Model Academy

Beth Model Management started the academy earlier this year. This will be the third edition of the Beth Model Academy and according to the Modelling Agency;

“The academy brings forth a wonderful experience for aspiring models around Nigeria to go through 2days of intensive training by world standard professionals in order to acquire the necessary and vital skills needed to become a professional and successful model therafter”

According to the agency’s Instagram account, the Masterclass is open for all models respective of them being in other agencies to apply.

There’s so much to learn from the August Edition and well it’s safe to say that every model that signs up, whether aspiring or professional stands to gain a lot. Applicants also get to go home with a certificate with the Academy.

Stand a chance to be a certified model by August! Hurry now and register 😁😁😁#bethmodelafrica #bethmodelacademy #registernow

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What To Expect From The Masterclass

Beth Model Academy


Bussiness Side Of Modelling

Many models go into the industry without even doing enough research. Ther’s more to modelling than the glitz and the glamour. A lot of hard work is involved and a lot of business management. Sometimes it could just be your ability to manage your expenses by being your own bookkeeper. With this Masterclass, you’d learn some of the rudimentary skills necessary to do this and more.


As a successful model, you’ll snap lots and lots of pictures. It’s imperative to get used to facing the camera. The Masterclass will teach you how to face the camera without really being shy. Sometimes what can really make the difference for you as a model is the quality of your pictures. By quality, I mean the way you appear in the picture, your poise and the message you’re trying to get across. The

Catwalk Training

Most models want to become High Fashion models and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through extensive catwalk sessions, of course after you have met the other requirements. In order to strut the runway successfully like the likes of Mayowa Nicholas and Davidson, you need some training. The August Masterclass has got you there.

Modelling Etiquette

As a model, it’s very important to have all the necessary etiquettes. It is unavoidable that you’d attend a lot of castings however, it’s necessary to always be on your best behaviour. You will spend long hours for shoots and gigs, you need to always be polite and socialise friendly and even carry out the instructions given appropriately. You’d learn these at Beth Model Academy.

Makeup and Hair

The Masterclass will also touch on some makeup and hair tips that can help you during your experiences as a model.

Other Benefits

You stand a chance to interact with Industry leaders and other successful models. You also get scouted with a chance of getting signed by the agency or other International agencies.


Beth Model academy

Testimonials On The Beth Model Academy

Beth Model Academy







Don’t be told, be there…. register now..💃🏻💃🏻 Beth Academy #augustmasterclass #bethmodelacademy #applynow #dontmissout

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The June Masterclass

The June Masterclass was a success with some industry experts.

Beth Model Academy

Zed Eye Fashion Designer


Beth Model Academy

Super Star Guest, Elite Model Look Nigeria 2014 winner


Beth Model Academy

Popular Photographer, Prince Meyson


Beth Model Academy

Flawless By Jane’s Jane Ogu


So look out for equally interesting Experts for the August Edition!

You can call +234803327852 or reach out to Beth Model Academy on IG .You can also Visit the Agencies office. The Map is below

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