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How To Dominate Castings And Get Modelling Jobs

How To Dominate Castings And Get Modelling Jobs

“Models are meant to be blank canvases especially during castings. Therefore, they want to see how you look like naturally. Make sure your makeup has a natural look. Use lighter colors, such as purple, mauve or light brown. Avoid heavy, dark eye makeup. While some agencies do not mind a fully made-up face, others prefer concealer, lip gloss and mascara only”


one of the ways that modeling agencies find new faces, and clients find models they’d like to book for modeling jobs, is to hold open calls, go-sees, castings or auditions. Modeling agencies will always hold open calls from time to time. Some more frequently than others. Modeling Agencies are always in search of new faces, therefore they will always hold open calls weekly, biweekly or monthly. As  a model who knows the importance of a good agency its imperative to go these open calls to get scouted.

After joining an agency, you will still need to go for castings and auditions. But this is a different type, this one usually organised by clients. The client will put out word with specific descriptions on the type of model they want for a particular job. As a new face, clients rarely know you, so you have to go for castings frequently to get jobs and traction. The more frequently you go for auditions, the higher your chances of getting jobs. How you conduct and present yourself can go a long way to make or break your modeling career. Here some tips to help you succeed.


ALWAYS be Punctual

You need to arrive early. Arriving late to castings puts you at a disadvantage especially when you get there really late, you end up being interviewed by a tired and cranky agent. Chances are they have already gotten the model they want and unless your performance is “out of this world”, you won’t be changing their minds. The ideal time to get to a casting is about 15 minutes to the casting. You don’t want to arrive too early either and if you’re going to be late (it’s avoidable sometimes) you need to call your agent or the client and give them a specific time to expect you.

Know The Client

Before going for a casting try to know as much about the client and the job.  Do your research and try to understand the role you’ll be given.


Makeup And Dress

Models are meant to be blank canvases especially during castings. Therefore, they want to see how you look like naturally. Make sure your makeup has a natural look. Use lighter colors, such as purple, mauve or light brown. Avoid heavy, dark eye makeup. While some agencies do not mind a fully made-up face, others prefer concealer, lip gloss and mascara only. Clothes should be simple. Wearing jeans or leggings and a plaint t-shirt is often the best, most natural look for castings. Cover any tattoos and remove piercings

Be Healthy

You need to always appear at castings or modeling jobs in good physical condition. Get plenty of sleep. Late nights will affect your looks. You should always arrive at your modeling jobs well rested and ready to work. Always appear well groomed (manicured nails, eyebrows tweezed, etc.) and maintain your skin and hair in excellent condition. If you come down with an illness that affects your looks or is communicable, inform your agent immediately. Minor discomforts such as headaches are usually not valid reasons for canceling obligations.


Be Prepared

Always arrive prepared for castings. If you’re expected to portray a look, make sure your makeup and hair has been styled accordingly. Never get there and just be putting on your makeup. Always carry a bag with your modeling essentials; your modeling portfolio, makeup etc.



Take Your Portfolio Along

Never go to castings or open calls without your pictures. If you’re meeting with an agent for the first time, you may not need professional pictures. A couple of nice snapshots should work. Whereas for a client, you need to go with a professional portfolio with your best pictures.

If an agent or client is interested in you, they will ask for a digital copy of your pictures but it’s also nice to go with hard copies to let them know you’re serious.


Relax And Smile

It’s natural to be nervous during  castings especially if it’s your first, but don’t become a nervous wreck. You need to control your breathing, relax and smile. Always smile, you never can tell, you may have the best smile to the client.


Have A Good Attitude

Be happy and pleasant. Acquire a positive outlook – don’t complain. Be enthusiastic and eager to work. An energetic aura says a lot about your willingness to work and how committed you will be.Be considerate of everyone. Make an effort to enjoy working with the photographer or for the client. Be tolerant of less than ideal circumstances such as inadequate dressing rooms, too hot or too cold weather, clothes that don’t fit, and temperamental co-workers. There are no excuses for putting forth less than your best effort. Be patient.

Make An Impression

For a client or agent who sees so many models, if you want to be chosen or remembered by making a lasting impression. Being confident shows that you’re secure with yourself and you have a healthy frame of mind. Be careful though, being confident doesn’t mean you should get cocky.


Accept Criticism and Advice

One of the best ways to grow as a model or in any field for that matter is to be open to criticisms. Yes they can sting especially if you have put lots of effort into your performance.Sometimes it may seem like your efforts are being undermined or the agent/client is being unnecessarily rude to you. You just have to accept it and don’t try to prove them otherwise. If you act as a professional, the same client may come back and hire you for another job. So you need to grow a thick skin for the industry.


F and F fashion How to dominate castings and get modeling jobs


Don’t Sign Anything At The First Meeting

If you’re offered a contract by an agency, your euphoric feeling can obscure your sense of judgement. You need to take a step back, take a deep breath and think about what you’re being asked to do. A contract is a legally binding agreement so make sure you know what you’re doing. A legitimate agency will not be offended if you ask to have a lawyer or someone ore experienced to review the contract for you.

If you’re at a modeling job and the client asks you to sign something you’re unfamiliar with, do NOT sign it. Be sure to call your agent first and seek his consent.


Reply To Phone Calls Promptly

You need to learn to respond to missed calls or messages promptly. This phone calls or messages could be from your agent or the client and if you don’t reply on time, they’d deem you unavailable and book another model.


No Boyfriends, Friends or Family member

Going for castings is like going for job interviews. Just like you’d never take a friend for a job interview, you should never take one to a casting, A casting is not a social-gathering for you to meet up with your friends, except all your friends are models, they fit the description and have been called. Every other person should wait outside, but if you’re below 18, kit’s advisable your parent or guardian is present. NEVER go for a casting with an agent or client you don’t know anything about, be sure to go with someone and let them know someone is waiting for you. A legitimate agent or client will have nothing to fear.


The Most Professional Models Always Wins

When you attend an open call for an agency or an audition for a client you’d probably be one of many beautiful faces. Don’t worry, agencies and clients don’t always pick the prettiest faces, they select the most prepared, who they feel is easiest; they consider this qualities of a professional model.


In what other ways have you killed it at castings, be sure to share your experience in the comment section below.

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