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E Fab Creations Unviels New Collection

E Fab Creations Unviels New Collection

E Fab Creations is fashion company I have been following for a while and so far so good I must confess, no disappointments. I have been really impressed. from their perfectly sewed garments to their ingenious designs and even naming of attires. They’ve been really bold and they deserve all the applaud and cash in the bank really.


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E Fab Creations stands for Everything Fabulous. That’s a well deserving name as their designs are actually Fabulous and lit! Did I mention that their clothes are actually very cheap? Just about every Nigerian collection you see out there are expensive. That’s a different case with E Fab Creations, their designs are cheap and affordable.


The New Collections From E Fab Creations



E Fab Creations

Evening stroll?
Or you just want something simple?
You need our ‘Litany Blouse’
Available in size 4-14

E Fab Creations

E Fab Creations

You have an interview or anything work related and you need a very comfortable dress? Go for our ‘Chioma Dress’ Size 4-16 N5,000

E Fab Creations

E Fab Creations

Something simple but cute 😍
Your wardrobe definitely wants our ‘Dolapo Dress’
Available in size 4-16


E Fabs Creations

Free dresses are the best 😍 With our ‘Onyinye Dress’ you don’t have to worry about heat or what not 🕺🏼 Available in size 4-14 N3,500


E Fab Creations

Turn heads with our ‘Modish Blouse’ 😍 Available in size 4-14 N3,000 Kindly dm to order 10% discount on

There you have it! You can place an order on their website and get a 10% discount.

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