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Life Of A Plus Size Model – Maneo Magoleng, South African Queen

Life Of A Plus Size Model – Maneo Magoleng, South African Queen

The Modeling Industry is evolving worldwide, Women of all colours, races, shapes and ethnicities are now being embraced in the Industry. As long as they have what it takes to excel in their jobs.  Maneo Magoleng, A curvy 34-year-old model is really enjoying the life of a plus size model.


Life Of A PLus Size Model Is Tough

“Back in the days, chubby, plus size women were not being recognized and treated well by the society. Most plus size ladies were called names, like fatty without good health. But now things have changed,” Magoleng


Magoleng says the life of a plus size model has been quite challenging in a bid to have their own cut of the glitz and glamour of the modelling world.

Magoleng comes from a small Villages in the North West Province of South Africa called Maneo. She was born into a family of seven children. Magoleng left her village for the city in pursuit of her dreams, believing that there were going to be more opportunities for her in the city.

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life of a plus size model


After getting to the city, Magoleng realised the life of a plus size model was not a bed of roses. It was really difficult to get her breakthrough into the industry in 2012. As a result, she almost gave up all hopes of becoming a plus size model and almost went back to her village. However, she stood firm, saying a voice in her head won’t just let her give up. Shortly after, she was able to get a contract with Full Figures Magazine Agency as a Plus Size Model.

Now, Magoleng is one of the most recognized models in South Africa. She does photo shoots, lingerie, design clothes work with different fashion designers.

At a point, Magoleng contested for Miss Plus Size Rustenburg and she has enjoyed mostly commercial success in the modeling industry.Magoleng has embraced and is enjoying the life of a plus size model and even more, she’s currently working hard to launch her clothing line and she’s also an actress. According to her, there are deeper meanings in every of her pictures, they always tell a story. Amongst her many gifts, she’s also a writer and a poet, she has recorded two musical poems with African beats and rhythm.



Magoleng is a strong believer that Africans need to stand together, protect, support and love on another. She says the life of a plus size model has taught her self-confidence and how to love herself. She’s now a proud size model.

Now she motivates and encourages other curvy women to love and appreciate themselves the way they are. And her words of encouragement to the youth and everyone who got big dreams? “Do not give up rather, keep pushing harder.”


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