The Apparels and Cosmetics product industries are large users of models. People often like to see clothes or beauty products look like on other people. A typical high-fashion, designer-label apparels, are designed for what fashion designers view as the “ideal woman.”


Recently, I talked about how you can pursue a career in modelling? One of the points I made was knowing your market. The modeling industry is so broad that you can easily get lost if you don’t know what type 0f market you’re best suited to. That’s why it’s usually best for you to do research on the various types of modeling out there.A good agency will always counsel you on the best market suitable for you. But just in case you want to know for yourself, I’d be discussing the different types of modelling in details over the next few weeks. This is the first of many parts to come of the series.


Fashion Modelling.

Today I will be talking about fashion modelling. Fashion Modelling is perhaps the most prominent and glamorous market in the modelling industry. The market is so broad that it is subdivided into several other sections. In order to fully understand what you’re getting yourself in, we will be going over each section.


So What Is Fashion Modelling Really?

The Apparels and Cosmetics product industries are large users of models. People often like to see clothes or beauty products look like on other people. A typical high-fashion, designer-label apparels, are designed for what fashion designers view as the “ideal woman.” This is someone tall and slender, with long legs, perhaps long neck and usually young. In major markets like Lagos, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, fashion models are typically 5’9″ to 6′ tall and from a size 8 to a size 2 depending on what is in. For men, it is at least 6 foot tall and a 40 regular – of course, you have to have that “look” to go with the clothes.

In secondary markets we would like to have this but often work with fashion models that don’t meet these measurements. It is more important you just have a look of being tall and slender. And that the sample clothes will fit you. The “look” can run from classic beauty to some extreme looks for fashion.

If you are going to work in front of the camera you need to be photogenic, and this you won’t know until you do a test shoot. Usually, the face is an oval shape, with symmetry to the facial features. Eyes are an almond shape. The cheekbones strong and nose straight and proportioned. Lips should be full. All of this just puts you in the general category; from there it is a matter of what the market demands are.

On the money – Top International Fashion Models (there are just a handful of these folks) make more money than any other models (I have seen incomes as high as several million a year). By contrast, a model doing a fashion show at a local mall may get paid nothing. This shows the wide range of income one might expect in fashion modeling. Most folks who try to make it as fashion models will earn almost nothing so don’t quit your day job.


I Scouted A Fashion Model

I recently scouted a girl I believe will do well in Fashion Modelling (I’d be unveiling her soon!). What did it for me was that she had what I like to call well-chiseled-features. What is well-chiseled-features, you ask. Well for me it simply means you have a well-structured face. With prominent jawlines, cheekbones, sometimes pointy-like-nose and angles on the face generally. For me looks like these are killer looks because most models with these looks are great without makeup on and even better with makeup on. The chiseled features mean they’d appear fierce in pictures or during campaigns

Most designers will want the models wearing their designs to ‘wear it with attitude’ and a fierce look. A model with perfectly-chiseled-face doesn’t even have to be trying.

The second reason I chose her was because of her shoulders, she has what is normally referred to as “Hanger Shoulders” by designers. Designers then were so obsessed with the perfect runway model being really skinny with ‘standing shoulders’ ( a little more on this later). They believed the clothes should look great on hangers as a form of ‘art expression’ and any model they would use should look ‘hanger like’ without their body interfering with their ‘aesthetic art representation’. Of course, this was subjected to heavy criticism with the serious arguments that clothes are primarily supposed to look great on bodies and not hangers. Hence the release in the constriction of the perfect model being a ‘size zero!’.

As a model, if you have straight broad shoulders that don’t slouch. Congratulations, you are one step closer to being a fashion model.

Thirdly, I chose her because she was tall—naturally. A fashion model has to be tall, well she didn’t make the 5ft9″ mark—she’s 5ft8″—but I believe in her. And lastly, she’s a size six, she has to do is just maintain it and she’d be fine really.

If you’re considering being a fashion model, I believe these are the qualities most designers will be looking for. Perhaps you have these, congratulations, if not, you may want to consider switching to another market. If it’s a height thing, maybe you’re 5ft7″ and you really want to give it a shot. You mas well try, but the path won’t be easy, it’ll be tough but I believe you can do it.

What other qualities do think fashion model should have, or what do you think about fashion modelling generally? Let’s have a chat in the comment section below.

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