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Models are not prostitutes Series Coming Soon!

Models are not prostitutes Series Coming Soon!

Models are not prostitutes. Finally!! Someone seems to be doing something about the obnoxious reputation models get. The fact is this has lingered for way too long. I couldn’t be happier that someone out there is trying to correct the point of view in which models are seen from.


We couldn’t be louder about this. I mean, modelling in itself is just like every other profession. However, there are some “said agencies”—mostly faux agencies—that ask aspiring models to sleep with them before getting them jobs.

At the recently concluded Models On The Island season 3, one of the organisers, Emanuel Etim insisted that the campaign, “Models Are Not Prostitutes,” carried out last year had not been neglected as they had plans to release a movie to support the campaign.

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He said: “The movie is titled ‘Models Are Not Prostitutes’ and it will be released as a series to enlighten models and make them know their stand. We’ve shot episode 1 to 5 and the next would be 5 to 10. It would be a continuous project to make sure people around the world know that models are different from prostitutes.”

The fact that this campaign was done next year and it didn’t go viral (at least I didn’t hear of it) is sad. We have to do everything in out power to support such campaigns to preserve the dignity in the modelling Industry!

Having said this, I will be keeping a close eye on the campaign and I’d be sure to keep you updated.

What do you think can be done to support the campaign. Have you had such advances from ‘prominent figures’ in the industry before? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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