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Popular Nigerian Traditional Styles That are Trending

Popular Nigerian Traditional Styles That are Trending

Nigerian Traditional Styles have become very popular over the last few years especially among trendsetters. we’re going to be exploring some of the very popular trends. There hasn’t been a shortage of trendsetters really. With the Nigerian Agbada growing in popularity and so many other traditional wears like that.

Nigerian Traditional Styles

Nigerian Traditional Styles have become very popular over the last few years especially among trendsetters. Perhaps we Nigerians like to show off our traditional wears more often compared to other Africans.


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We may not wear the complete outfit every time but we’d usually wear an element of our native clothes or even accessories. I think it’s pretty obvious we like our parties a lot! Especially the Yorubas. For some, this is an opportunity to eat our very popular jollof rice (I tell you there’s nothing like the Nigerian party Jollof Rice). For others, it is an opportunity to socialise and most importantly for some, it’s our opportunity to showcase our various Nigerian Traditional Styles.

Nigerian Traditional Styles

Nigerian Traditional Styles

Designers And Nigerian Traditional Styles

The fact that Nigeria has a rich depth in several native attires means designers can leverage on this to create their several collections. This means they can draw inspiration to design and manufacture and mix several attires. Furthermore, there are some international designers that have started integrating African traditional styles in their designs. This is great news for the Nigerian and African culture at large.

Nigerian Traditional Styles


Nigerian Traditional Styles

The Nigerian Traditional Styles makes use of several design patterns, ornaments and embellishments. With several colours, patterns and floral designs to choose from, there’s literally no limit to what a designer can achieve really. The only limiting factor will be the designer’s level of creativity and originality.

Nigerian Traditional Styles

Female Nigerian Traditional Styles

The Nigerian female is a very lucky one, she has access to varieties of styles, patterns and cuts to choose from for her native attires (after all variety is the spice of life).

From several Ankara styles to Adires and the likes. There’s just so much to choose from.

Nigerian Traditional Styles


Peplum Tops And Co

Rarely will you see any Nigerian Traditional Styles without seeing several peplum tops. Matter of fact, it is almost a crime as a lady not to have one or two peplum tops in your native collections. Peplum could even extend  to the style of your skirts or gowns

Any lady looks beautiful in this kind of blouse. Festive blouses in traditional style have embroidery or even hints of lace. Also, special celebratory versions are decorated with rhinestones and artificial pearls. Naturally, these kinds of blouses have a short or three-quarter sleeve, a round neckline or open shoulders. Blouses in the traditional style are of bright colours

Male Nigerian Traditional Styles

Mans collection of trads is not complete without Agabda! Agbadas are naturally white, blue or black boubou that are usually worn with slim sokotos (trousers).

Nigerian Traditional Styles



Nigerian traditional styles serves as good tribute to our very rich culture and traditions. In addition, these clothes are gorgeous and comfortable. New fabrics, cuts and colour combinations are the reasons why the traditional looks will always be trendy and modern.

What types of traditional wears do you usally opt for, leave a comment in the comment section below.


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