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Plus Size Fashion Week; Meet The First Four Designers

Plus Size Fashion Week; Meet The First Four Designers

I recently Announced the Plus Size Fashion Week in one of my posts about the event debuting this September. Today I will be announcing the First batch of Plus Size designers that will feature in the event. Having these designers simply means we should also be expecting big models on the runway. This is a fresh breath of air really and I must say, it’s really refreshing!


Agatha Moreno

Plus Size Designer

Agatha Moreno is a British-Nigerian ready-to-wear fashion brand, founded by Agatha Otene Moreno in 2015. The casual everyday collection for the brand is PJJD by Agatha Moreno and the high-end luxury collection known simply as Agatha Moreno produces a line of luxury female wear, official outfits, evening gowns, maxi dresses, menswear and much more.


Curve The Plus Size

Curve the plus size is a Nigerian brand birthed to appreciate and celebrate the curvy woman. Curvy/plus size women usually find shopping their clothes size difficult especially in trending, sexy and stylish outfits limiting to normal and boring looking clothes, hence the establishment of CURVE The plus size store. The brand caters for all things plus size ranging from formal wears to casuals, sportswear, foot wears, bags, shape wears, lingerie, sleep wears etc.


Luvita Creations

Luvita Creations was founded by Lovelyn Ita in 2016. Ever since they hit the Nigerian fashion industry they’ve awed everyone with their unique designs and patterns, the brand has swiftly become known for its ability to combine African prints and western fabrics to make a perfect blend of stylish clothes for the modern African woman.



NIIFFE was started in 2010 solely as a bespoke brand catering mainly for weddings and special events (majorly red carpets), they then launched in their RTW arm in 2012 with the sole aim of providing the opportunity for people to be adequately represented through their fashion sense and style. It has always been their belief that clothes should be made to fit our bodies and not the other way round and as a result, their designs are magnificent, mysterious, fresh, radiant, elegant and intensive that you will find desirable.


Calling On Designers And Exhibitors

If you’d love for your designs to be featured in the Plus Size Fashion Week this an opportunity, you can click on the link below!

REgister as a designer for the Plus size africa week






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