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Style or Fashion, What’s The Difference?

Style or Fashion, What’s The Difference?

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”– Oscar Wilde

Many of us are guilty of using the words style and fashion interchangeably; I mean some of us do not know there’s a clear difference between the two.  Oh, you didn’t? Relax. I got your back, I am going to be doing some brief explanations.

Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion

While fashion is concerned with items (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc), style is your ability and sense of self to practically combine and fix those items into an overall look or outfit. Simply put, fashion is what you buy, and Style is basically how you wear it. So basically, fashion can be called external. Style is internal. Why? Your Style is you. Your Style is what you represent.

Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion

As a matter of fact, Style doesn’t just have to do with how you wear your clothes or fashion items. It’s in you, in how you speak, your choice of words, how you sit, how you walk, how you do the things you do. How you even hold your phone the way you’re holding it now. Even writers have their style…whether the use of simple and familiar words and sentences like Chimamanda Adichie or the use of “big grammar ” like Wole Soyinka.

Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion

This begs the question, What is my Style? How do I like my things done? How do I like my fashion items worn or used?? More importantly, am I living someone else’s style or way of life? Many of us are, one way or the other. But the truth, dear reader, is, knowing your style will help save stress in your life.

Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion  Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion

Trust me. I prefer pencil heels to blocks for instance, so I don’t bother copying or pretending to be someone by going to buy a block heel that I’ll probably be uncomfortable in or not (believe it or not) even wear at all. It helps save your time, your money,  and helps you avoid stress or emotional trauma. Style is a way to explore your self deeply and develop some self love.

Style or Fashion? F and F Fashion

It is also a means to build great relationship with yourself as its focus and orientation is on the self and how it’s informed and expressed by clothing choice. It may be affected by religion, politics, culture, weather, body type, profession, and lots more. Furthermore, style isn’t fashion, it is static. While fashion trends change from time to time, your style is your style. It is you. And except you change,  your style doesn’t change.

Dear Fashionistas and every reader out there, do you agree or disagree? Let’s have a discussion in the comment section.

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