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“Support The Nigerian Fashion Industry” – Oba Elegushi

“Support The Nigerian Fashion Industry” – Oba Elegushi

Is the Nigerian Fashion Industry finally getting the traction it deserves? Maybe the untapped potentials have finally come to attention, and maybe, just maybe the Government will fully support the Nigerian Fashion Industry now?

Oba Saheed  Elegushi, has advised our dear government to support the growth of the fashion industry to end the economic recession.

Oba Elegushi of Ikateland said this probably after his representative witnessed the awesomeness of the Nigerian Fashion Industry at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) 2017 held at the National Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos, over the weekend.

“This will be highly advantageous in jump-starting our economy in the recession,’’ he said.


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According to him, most developed countries earn their major revenues from the patronage of their fashion industry. This is done by internationally acclaimed superstars, royal families and distinguished personalities.

He insisted that if the government and the public were to support the Nigerian fashion industry, they would indirectly be supporting the growth of the entertainment industry.

I believe Nigeria will stand to gain a lot especially now that there’s been a dip in the price of oil worldwide. There’s now a need for us to diversify our source of GDP more than ever.  The fashion industry is one of the many industries that can help Nigeria achieve this. The traditional ruler added that this would also create employment opportunities for many unemployed people and increase revenue to

The Oba also said that this would also create employment opportunities for many unemployed people and increase revenue to the government through taxation.

“ I can say that the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017 is a great advocate in launching creativity of African and Nigerian fashions,’’ he said.

One of the benefits of platforms like the African Fashion Week Nigeria is the exposure of the African culture to the world.


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