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Top 10 Reasons You Need A Modeling Agency

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Modeling Agency

“When you get signed to a professional modeling agency, chances are your pay will be higher than a freelance model. This is because your agency knows the industry standards and prices, therefore, they are in a better position to negotiate on your behalf”


F and F Fashion need a modeling agency


“I want to be a model”, you finally say to yourself. Yay, Good  for you!! Now that you have decided you want to become a model. Yoo would want to actually do and be successful right? Then you need to consider getting yourself a good modeling agency. You need a modeling agency to help take you to the height of your career. Still not convinced? Then let’s explore some benefits of having a good agency.


1. Your Safety And Protection

Being the middle man between you and the clients, the modeling agency is obligated to know more about the clients that want you for a job. A modeling agency will know the location of your job, set feasible safe hours you are comfortable with. They have to do follow-up or even send representatives sometime to follow you to jobs. Sometimes you may need protection from certain clients, a modeling agency will act as a shield of some sort.


2. Guidance

As a model, especially a new face, you will need guidance in the industry. The Dos and Dont’s, most modeling agencies give their models the most basic form of grooming. Some can even invest in them big time and send them to a formal modeling academy to make sure they are well molded to the acceptable industry standards.


3. More Job Opportunities

As a model, you would want to get jobs often. Most clients will almost always go to modeling agencies when they need models. If you want real opportunities, you will certainly need a modeling agency. Not only do clients come and meet modeling agencies, modeling agencies also go out to meet them. They present to the clients portfolios of their models and you may just be among the models chosen. To put simply, your chances of getting jobs is higher with a good modeling agency.


4. You Get Paid Big-Bucks!

When you get signed to a professional modeling agency, chances are your pay will be higher than a freelance model. This is because your agency knows the industry standards and prices, therefore, they are in a better place to negotiate on your behalf. Furthermore, they always put their own commissioned in mind and they know the higher your pay, the higher their commission, They will really work for you because of this.


5. International Exposure

Model-scout from international agencies usually meet local agencies and go through their portfolio. Most times the local agencies will call the model as the scouts prefer seeing the models face to face. You need a modeling agency to land an international jobs and there are no two ways about it. As a matter of fact,  most models that work internationally work with two agencies. The local agency acts as the mother agency  while the foreign agency is a second agency. Don’t worry, these agencies will still be taking the same 15-30% one agency will normally take from you. An example is Mayowa Nicholas, she’s been represented by Beth Models in Nigeria, (her mother agency) and is being represented internationally by Elite Models


need a modeling agency


6. Career Development

Career development is paramount in any field and if you want to develop your career as a model, you need a modeling agency for that. A modeling agency can spend moths investing on developing careers of models they believe will give them a high return on investments. An agency will always keep a model’s future in mind and make decisions that are best for the said model. They will not just accept any job a client brings, but accept the ones the models are most suited for.


7. Building Your Brand

Modeling has grown so fast that models are considered to be brands themselves. They have evolved from being just living clothe hangers or voiceless people who simply smile and show off pretty clothes. Models now have personality, they have more influence. You will need a modeling agency to  help build your brand. A model must be a complete package. They must be able to navigate through social media, television, film and much more. Clients are paying much more attention to the type of brand the model has when choosing them for their big campaigns. A good agency will help a model build his her brand and make sure the model makes his or her mark in the industry.


8. Better And More Prestigious Bookings

If you want to grow as a model, one of the fastest ways is to get prestigious bookings. A freelance model will actually struggle to get a prestigious booking on his or her own because the most prestigious bookings come from the biggest clients. The biggest clients are too busy to start looking for models online by themselves or negotiating with a model directly. They’d rather meet with a modeling agency they have trusted for a while. They believe the modeling agency will give them models well suited to their brands or campaign. A client can decide to choose another model from the agency if the model they want has been booked for another job. The choice can be based on them being in the same modeling agency.


9. You Can Actually Focus On Modeling

As a model, you need to be able to focus on your career. The little details can actually eat away your attention which can decrease your performance. You will need a modeling agency that will handle details like compiling a portfolio for you, making a comp card for you. Booking sessions with photographers for your shoots. They will scout for jobs for you and even book jobs for you to ease your journey as a model and to prevent you from wasting your time. They will handle the stressful part of negotiating with clients and decide what’s best for you.


10.  Support

The journey of a new model could be very tiring and draining but when you know you have the support of your agency, you can always continue. You need a modeling agency because their support can go a long way to help your career and fast track your success in the industry.


need a modeling agency


Having said all these, be careful of some faux agencies out there, they will make empty promises and never come through. All they are after is just to scam you. Research any agency before signing a contract with them, ask around about their services and how potent they are. Also be sure to read the terms of your modeling contract with any agency and only sign an exclusive contract if the agency is ready to invest their time, resources and energy on you.

I have compiled a list of some reputable modeling agencies for you below in no particular order.

Beth Model Management

Few Models

Zahara Model Management

Isis Model Management

Myth Models

Fowler Models

G & G Model Management

Catch22 Models

Pages Models

Mahogany Models

GI Model Management

Wave Model Management

Yray Models

Blackdove Model Management


What benefits have you derived from your agency as a model, has your modeling agency being able to to provide any of these for you? How have you coped as a freelance model? As an aspiring model or a professional model, do you feel it’s necessary to have a an agency represent you? Leave you thoughts in the comments section below and lets have a chat.


Pictures by Crown Imagery

Models: Taiwo and Kehinde of Zahara Model Management

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