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SERIES: Types of Modelling, Part 4; Glamour Modelling

SERIES: Types of Modelling, Part 4; Glamour Modelling

They appear on the cover of certain magazines, perhaps more frequently on men’s magazines. In swimsuits on calendars and other forms of advertisements. They are physically gratifying, enchanting and many can’t just take their eyes off them. Who are these drop dead gorgeous women, you ponder. Well, they’re glamour models!


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What Is Glamour Modelling?

Glamour modelling is simply a form of modelling in which models appear to use their sexual charms to win customers for their clients or a campaign. You see them appear on the cover of magazines like Playboy magazine, Maxim usually in an erotic or sexually suggestive manner. Glamour modelling is all about poise and charm.

Glamour modelling focuses more on the beauty and features of the model than selling a particular product when compared to commercial models. A fashion Model’s job, for example, is to make the audience lust after an outfit our accessory. On the other hand, a glamour model’s job is to make the audience lust after herself.


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Who Is A Glamour Model

A Glamour Model is simply one that isn’t shy of using her charms and poise to appeal to the opposite sex. Glamour models essentially show off their body parts. It could be all or just parts of their bodies. It depends on what they’re most comfortable showing and the nature of the campaign really.

Characteristics and Requirements of Glamour Model

So you’re probably asking what are the typical looks of a glamour model, more so, a glamour supermodel.

Glamour models have no particular looks and they do (paradoxical, right?). A glamour model is almost always attractive. Heck, all glamour supermodels are attractive or at least made to look attractive.

  • Firstly, Glamour models have to be at least 18 years old. Nope even if you get your parents or guardian’s consent and signatory it’s illegal.
  • Glamour models are gorgeous and stunning. Unlike Fashion Models who don’t always have to be the most beautiful but catchy enough, glamour models almost always have to be attractive.
  • Glamour models are usually buxom or curvy
  • They ooze sex appeal


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  • Their body is always in prime condition and they have clear skin.
  • A glamour model is comfortable with her sexuality and readily shows off her body.
  • Just like every other type of model, a glamour model must be professional, motivated, hardworking, outgoing and able to take directions well in order to have a successful modelling career.
  • Glamour models ooze confidence and they command attention from the camera and viewers at large.
  • There’s the need for glamour models to be great actors and they have great smiles.


Market For Glamour Modelling

In reality, apart from all the constant dose of sexual inputs, glamour modelling is very similar to commercial modelling. As a matter of fact, most glamour jobs are used for commercial purposes. For prints, Billboards, Magazines, Posters, calendars and advertisements for a wide range of products. Sometimes there’s usually a blur in the commercial modelling market and glamour modelling market as they overlap a lot!


Is Nudity A Must

Some agencies will tell you that in glamour modelling, nudity is always a must which is very far from the truth. As a matter of fact, you can be a glamour model without exposing much of your body. Although, you’d always have to wear snugly fitted outfits to show off the curves of your body. Also, bear in mind as a glamour model you’d have to wear swimsuits and lingeries at some points or at least you’d be offered a gig like that. However, you always have a choice, never allow anyone make you wear anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. If you feel glamour modelling is not for you, you can try out the other types of modelling

Are you a glamour model or you’re considering becoming one. What are your concerns as a glamour model? Share in the comments section below

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