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Meet Victoria Enwereji, The Hard Working Model Ready To Storm The Industry

Meet Victoria Enwereji, The Hard Working Model Ready To Storm The Industry

Victoria Enwereji is a rising star and would soon become one of the most sought-after faces in the modelling industry. She is definitely one of the most hardworking models I know in the Industry. Always working out or working on her cat walk. It’s only just a matter of time before she starts strutting the runways of major fashion shows in the world. She’s repped by Isis Models. Once Victoria Enwereji signed her new contract with Isis, I just knew I had to interview her! So I interviewed her about her modelling career and her expectations. Stay glued to learn more.


Yes, I get really nervous before I start a runway, but when it comes to photo shoots, it's like my… Click To Tweet


How come you have English, Yoruba and Igbo names (Tolani, Victoria Enwereji)?

My mum is Yoruba, my dad is Igbo so I get to have both names with an extra English name


How did you start modelling?

Actually, I was gonna go for medicine when I finished high school until I met the movie production guy in church

 Victoria Enwereji

How did you get signed to Isis Models?

I applied and got scouted.

Do you ever get stage fright before a major runway show or photo shoot?

Yes, I get really nervous before I start a runway, but when it comes to photo shoots, it’s like my favourite food is right in front of me, many photographers I have worked with can testify

Victoria Enwereji at Mbaff2017

What are your favourite Magazines?

Mango, Glitz, Genevieve mag and much more

Victoria Enwereji

What’s the most fun show you’ve walked in?

ECOWAS fashion show 2016, because there were lots of familiar faces there, I was relaxed and played around


What has been your favourite job so far?

My calendar job for Ghana at 60, it was such an honour.


What’s the hardest part of your job? And the most fun part?

Speaking for myself, the hardest part is learning how to catwalk and getting signed into the right agency, also you have to be lucky and special. The fun parts are the photo shoots and the pay in modelling, it’s like asking you to eat and getting paid for that. Those of us who love standing in front of cameras know what am talking about, it basically makes you happy.

Victoria Enwereji


What is your dream modelling job and your expectations?

Same as every other model out there, I want to work for top brands fly everywhere every day. I want to be busy and have no time to rest, most of all I want to be an icon that aspiring models follow her steps.


Your look can go from super edgy to commercial and pretty, do you prefer one style over the other?

Actually, I am into all, I have a unique face that changes to whatever scene you want with a little touch and a change of hairstyle.


Victoria Enwereji


When you’re not busy modelling, what are some of your favourite things to do?

I don’t like to be idle, I involve myself in business and investments a lot, also I read.


I don't like to be idle, I involve myself in business and investments a lot, also I read. Click To Tweet


You have a business called Evolance (Evofreelance), what’s it about?

Evofreelance you meant, well Evofreelance is a peer to peer website, built to help make Africa easier. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs and company owners out there, just like there are a lot of graduate and jobless people out there. Some of these entrepreneurs don’t have the power to employ or owe someone an obligation to pay salary every month, they just need some quick jobs done and pay for the service. While some jobless but skilled people can provide that service and get paid. So I developed it to connect these people together, but that is not all, is not just for educated people, also for hand workers and shop owners to connect themselves to potential clients. Though the registration wouldn’t stay free forever, our goal is to impact on a little spot in Africa.


If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do?

I would be a surgeon, I have always been weird, I like to open things up and fix them



What’s your favourite snack?

Meat pie


Where is your favourite place to travel?

Actually, I can’t choose right now because I have not been everywhere yet.


What is your all time favourite movie and why?

Korean movies, actually most of their movies are not just drama or fairy tales, you will definitely learn one or two things from watching, and I have learnt a lot


Victoria Enwereji


Who is your current favourite musician or song?

I am not really into music, I just listen randomly, I would have preferred if the question was actor or movie, then it will be Lee min ho and Nick Bateman.

So there you have it, if you have any questions for Victoria, you can ask in the comment below and I’d ask her to answer the questions. Alternatively, if you are a model, fashion designer, makeup artist, photographer or whatnot involved in the industry and you would love to be interviewed. You can always get across to me on +2347038526653 via WhatsApp or [email protected] via email.

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