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World Bodypainting Festival, Models Are Transformed To Living Forms Of Art

World Bodypainting Festival, Models Are Transformed To Living Forms Of Art

Warning; Contains Nudity

During the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria, models were magically transformed into what could have only been beautiful pieces of living arts, it was a  sight to behold. About more than 30,000 spectators were gathered to see the exotic and imaginative designs thought up. Artists and models competed in different categories including brush, sponge, ultraviolet and special effects.

According to the organisers, artists and designers gathered from about 40 countries in the world to participate in this year’s world bodypainting festival. Some of the models looked like they had sprung out from one of those fantasy novels while some just looked bizarre, they looked like works of a science and fiction fan.

world bodypaint festival

Au naturel: One model managed a stunning and surreal transformation into a forest deity. He even added in coloured contact lenses to complete the look

world bodypaint festival

Goddess of Crystals: One body painting contestant seems to have been particularly fond as being as glitzy as possible

World Bodypaint festival

Scary eyes: A woman in white holds a disco ball while staring into the camera

Body artists seem to revel in combining different lores. This model can be seen decorated with a portrait of Beethoven and Professor X, from the X-Men comic series

Organisers said that artists and designers from more than 40 countries participated this year


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