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The Emergence of the Cosmetics Industry in Nigeria

The Emergence of the Cosmetics Industry in Nigeria

About a decade or two ago, the cosmetics Industry in Nigeria had no hope of evolving. There were hardly make-up artistes in the country, most of them worked for theatrical purposes.


Emergence of Cosmetics industry in Nigeria F and F Fashion


In recent years however, the Cosmetics Industry in Nigeria has sporadically grown. As a matter of fact, within every 5 minutes walk in mega cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, you’d see a banner or signboard advertising a makeup artiste, or even a shop.

emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashionemergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion


Almost every female is into the business either as a part-time trade, or a full-time business. More importantly, the business is thriving in the country. Why is this so?

Ladies throughout history always challenged the norm when in search of idle cosmetics, and this has played a unique role in its evolution. These changes in make up trends, while fascinating, have paved the innovation which has supported the growth of the Cosmetics Industry in Nigeria.

emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion


This is coupled with the fact that make up is needed for most occasions, from theatrical, television, film, fashion, modeling, magazines, to the beauty pageant platforms newly introduced into the country, the development of wedding photo shoots, red carpet looks, parties, events have continued to sustain makeup artistry in the country.

In 2013,  competition and advertising were major factors in the performance of beauty and personal care. More celebs became brand ambassadors. Personal care were also targeted towards children which is a major demographic group in the country. Local manufacturing also increased in 2013 compared with previous years, when marketing of imported products was the dominant characteristic of the market. Also, demand for skin care, oral care, hair treatment products,  make up and fragrances from a growing middle was has also soared.

emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion

Available data shows that sales in the beauty and personal care sector were worth about $595 million in 2011. That is N178 billion in the current exchange rate valuation. Although, Nigeria’s economy grew at a slower pace in 2015 and 2016. There is evidence that the industry expanded.

Now, awareness platforms such as Makeup Nigeria Conference (MINC) have been established. They were established to serve as a platform for acclaimed professionals, industry educators and icons to gather, share and inform stakeholders.

Another platform is The Makeup Fair Series, organised by Pops Concepts. They have also hosted cosmetic exhibitions and Make up classes at informal fairs around the country. Pop Concepts make use of simple, hands-on approaches that aim to highlight insider tricks of makeup application for guests.

Cosmetics Industry in Nigeria Fand F fashion

Brands like Zaron, BMPro, Sleek, Black Up Nigeria, Khuraira Cosmetics, Maybelline NG, have contributed to the make-up revolution in Nigeria. This has made the industry a prominent industry in the country. Speaking of Zaron Cosmetics, the brand is searching for a face. If you’re eligible, visit @zaroncosmetics on IG for more information.

emergence of cosmetics industry in Nigeria  F and F Fashion

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