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Imara Golde’s 5 Ways to Step Out Of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Imara Golde’s 5 Ways to Step Out Of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Have you heard of the popular sayings that comfort zones are where dreams go to die, ambitions go to retire, and dreams dissolve into a world of undiscovered possibilities? At the end of the day, the bottom truth is that comfort zones are bad for you – for your growth, aspirations, your finances, even your health could be at risk when you’re just lying there in your comfort zone. And the part that concerns us more? Comfort zones are bad for your fashion and style!

Because we love you so much, and we know all the heights you can reach if you turn up the heat with your style and fashion sense, we have brought to you today Imara Golde’s five (5) ways to step out of your fashion comfort zone!

Imara Golde is a personal stylist and designer for boss ladies; and she provides sophisticated and sleek styling solutions that you’ll love.

Shall we get on with her list then?

1. Make a Plan

– List where you can get your style finds
– List people who can help you achieve the style you want. It could be family, friends, a personal stylist etc.

– Be open to suggestions and new ideas.

2. Take Baby Steps

Your accessories are a great way to introduce change to your personal style. E.g. A basic outfit can be spruced up with statement jewelry/accessories. Or instead of a bright orange outfit, you try a softer peach color. A leopard print clutch, scarf etc., instead of a leopard print dress.

3. Wear Toned-Down Versions of Your Style Goal For A While

It takes time to become really comfortable with the change so try it out as a weekend look.

4. Wear It around Strangers First

Have you ever been asked by friends “oh why are you so dressed up”, “what’s the occasion “, or “are you trying to impress someone?” And so on. These kind of reactions can actually threaten your new confidence.
This strategy will help you own the look and brush off any discouraging comments when you finally take it to familiar turf.

5. Be Confident

This is one of the best traits or qualities anyone could possess. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s going somewhere. Your wardrobe must support your quest to grow in confidence. If you’re not, it will show.

So when you wear that new look, do something or think of something that makes you happy and confident.

I hope these tips have been helpful – get out of your comfort zone, choose to not be average with your style! Average is boring, choose to stand out!

And if you ever feel stuck in a fashion or style rut, let Cookie Lyon inspire you or Chimamanda with her beautiful “Wear Nigerian” outfits!

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