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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Strive To Be A Model

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Strive To Be A Model

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“The Nigerian Modeling Agency is Fast Growing”

So you’ve always been caught at the middle of the struggle on whether you should be a model or not. You have heard several stories about how it is irresponsible people who become models. So much negativity surrounding the industry, but this has been your dream straight out of your momma’s womb. You have always imagined yourself on the cover of the best Magazines wearing the most expensive clothes and accessories money can buy. You’re stuck up on the belief that you’ll be judged when you choose to be a model.

Choosing to follow the path of modeling has its ups and downs just like any other field. You just have to sit and think for yourself if the pros outweigh the cons and if that’s what you really want to do. You can decide to go into modeling just as a hobby, to explore and have adventures or even as a full-blown career.

The fact is that the modeling industry is very competitive and all that glitters is  not gold. It’s a tough industry but it can also be very rewarding. So if you’re trying to decide if the industry is for you, here are some reasons to consider seriously.


1. The Industry Is Growing At A Fast Pace

The Nigerian Modeling industry is fast growing; this simply means more opportunities for aspiring and professional models. If you have always worried about getting opportunities in the industry, then you really shouldn’t be bothered. So long as you’re focused, your time will come surely.


2. You Get Lots of Free Stuff When You Really Get At It.

One of the perks of actually been a model is you get access to loads of free stuff. Most times when you work overtime for a designer, you’d most likely be compensated. Some of these designers will give you some of their clothes (unless the designer is a stingy one like I know). Don’t expect this from the onset though, you have to get to a certain level to enjoy this perk.


F and F Fashion Be A Model


3. You Get To Have Lots Of Nice Pictures Of  You.

If you’re  a narcissist like me this is a major deal. I mean you get to check out your awesomeness every time you see a picture of yourself. If this isn’t a good deal, then I don’t know what is.


4. Self Confidence Becomes Your Best Friend

If you have self-esteem issues, one of the best things you could do for yourself is trying to become a model. You then begin to a appreciate yourself. When the makeup artistes do wonders to your face you begin to brim. Nothing boosts confidence like some doses of success, especially if it’s through your looks (shallow right? I know but it’s just one of those things).


5. You Can actually Make A Career Of It.

Shocker right? I know, If you’re serious about modeling, you can choose it as a full-blown career. Contrary to some beliefs, modeling is a proper career and not a second-rate, part-time venture. For modeling, you’d need to develop certain skill sets just like every other career will require of you. When you get it right, you can actually live comfortably without much money worries. Except you’re those types that spend their money unwisely on some vices usually associated with the industry. Keep away from such people, they will try to ruin you!


6. You Get To Travel Free

Chances are as a model you’d have to travel and visit new places for different gigs. If you hit it big you get to travel to Paris (everyone wants to visit the most romantic city in the world), Milan, London, New York for Fashion week. This is an absolute plus for most people except you’re a hermit: then you really have no business modeling.


F and F Fashion Be A Model

7. Appear on Billboards, Magazine And Other Media Outlet.

This is the main reason you probably want to be a model. You probably want to become a celebrity. You want to appear on the biggest billboards, best magazines, best TV shows etc. Well as a model you get this life. Oh did I mention you get huge followers on social media? Now isn’t that awesome? You get to have all the Fame you have always dreamt of!


8. Modeling Is Lucrative!

So I have heard a rumour that modeling is a very low-paying job. The truth when you start modeling, you’d only be getting some little pay as it is for any conventional job. You have to build traction and eventually you’d become hot stuff. In reality, it’ll take someone doing a conventional job more time to earn what a model starts earning after just a year of modeling. Just make sure you surround yourself with a competent and well-connected management team.


F and F Fashion Be A Model


9. Modeling Makes You Take Care Of Your Body.

As a model, you’d almost always have to maintain your stature. You’d usually be expected to be in shape. Your skin has to clear and you’d have to drink lots of water (this is very good for your health). Be careful though, ignore anybody that asks you to lose weight dangerously (that doesn’t happen to often these days especially in Nigeria).


10. You Can Be Any Type Of Model You Want

The industry has grown so big that you can choose from several types of modeling. I am not skinny you say, don’t worry, you can become a commercial model. Oh but I am big, is that so, then you can try out Plus size model, Now almost anybody can wake up and decide, oh I want to be a model!


11. Any Other Reasons?

You may have other reasons of actually wanting to be a model that I did not talk about, leave a comment in the comment section and let’s have a conversation. This took a while, please be a darling and share on your social media.

About The Author

Deji Okufi

Whenever Deji Okufi is not spending all his time scouting for new models or researching the modelling and fashion industry, he's researching ways he can deliver better content for his readers. In an attempt to control his obsession for perfectionism he also studies Digital Marketing.


  1. Jessica

    Wow!!! I just came across this and it’s nice. This will really go a long way to encourage those that are having second thoughts on becoming a model.

    • Deji Okufi

      Thank you Jessica
      That’s the purpose of the post, to encourage as many people as possible! “You can do it! “

  2. Wale

    Free Stuff, Regular Travel, and I get paid for getting them :D. I’m sold!! I gotta be a model!! But how about those of us without the looks? Can we just be hand models and get the same benefits?

    • Deji Okufi

      Hello Wale.
      The modeling agency has grown so big that it accommodate just about any “look”. You can be a commercial model or hand model and enjoy all these benefits!

  3. Mary

    My favourite reason is making money, especially in this economy

    • Deji Okufi

      IKR! That’s probably every other person’s favourite reason.

  4. Immanuela


  5. Joy

    It’s quite difficult getting a modelling job in Nigeria, especially with the economic situation of the country, What do you have to say to that?

    • Deji Okufi

      Hello, thank you for commenting.
      Firstly you need a strategy.
      Your strategy should involve getting a good agency.
      Then you should decide on the market that suits you.
      Then you need to work really hard.


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