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REVIEW: The Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting 2017

REVIEW: The Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting 2017Score 57%Score 57%

The highly anticipated Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting took place last Saturday and it was a rugged affair. Amidst the ruggedness of the casting, the models were attended to, err…….well mostly at least. The casting was quite a contrast to The GTB fashion week casting. Models were everywhere for what was probably once the biggest fashion show in the country; or are they still the biggest? That remains to be seen I guess. The Show reportedly pays models a hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N150,000) each.


Lagos Fashion And Design Week


Time For The Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting

The Casting was supposed to start at 9 AM but it started really really late. Models had rushed to the venue—Heineken House at Olu Hollaway road, Ikoyi—in order to be attended to early, to prevent the judges from being fatigued before it got to their turns. However, that was as far away from reality as possible. The time for the casting seemed to drag forever and they didn’t start till it was about 11;00 AM.


The Judges For The Casting

The judges for the Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting seemed more interested in interacting with their various social media platforms than actually judging. The models were asked to walk in groups. A group that consisted of about 11 – 14 models each. Considering the fact that the judges were distracted by their various smartphones half the time, it really wasn’t a good idea. Perhaps they were more interested in seeing and scrutinising the faces and body type of the models. Or perhaps it was something, you know, completely unrelated, I really can’t place my hands on it.


Structure Of The Casting

The Lagos Fashion And Design Week had always been a very big fashion show in Nigeria, but it seemed to me that from the structure they looked more like fallen giants. Okay, maybe that’s a touch too harsh and maybe the Fashion Show itself will be really awesome, at least that’s what we are all hoping for. There were no tags, models had to have their names called out with no microphones, the models could have easily missed their names. Especially as the models had to wait with no shade under the scorching sun. It was a tiring affair but a promising one, at least the Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting was the way better casting for the day.



Venue And Date

The Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting was held at the Heineken house, not the most convenient location to have a casting of that magnitude, especially if the sun is out and hot. However, the date for the casting was perfect, a Saturday, 30th September.

Models from several agencies were picked with nine from Few Models Management.



Summary The Lagos Fashion And Design Week Casting was a rugged albeit successful affair, it had its shortcomings but the overall results were pleasant, especially to the models that were picked.

Venue And Date

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