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Review: The GTB Fashion Weekend Casting 2017

Review: The  GTB Fashion Weekend Casting 2017Score 74%Score 74%

The GTB Fashion weekend casting was held on the 26th of September and it was quite a successful affair. Models came from all over the country for what is probably the biggest fashion show in the country. The crowd was massive and I probably saw every big model out there. The amateurs were not left out and some came to try their luck and experience new things. Afterall the pay for the GTB Fashion Weekend is reportedly a Hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira (N180,000).


GTB fashion weekend casting



Time For The GTB FAshion weekend Casting

Models were arriving really early in order to increase their chances of being selected for the fashion show. As promised the casting started by NINE AM (9:00 AM) and it was a fast affair. Everything went according to plans, there were no unexpected delays.


The Judges For The Casting

Accordingly, GTB chose the right set of judges. These are individuals that have been involved in the fashion and modelling for a while. Not like a certain casting that called on a comedian to come and judge a fashion show; it was just plain ridiculous.


GTB fashion weekend casting


Structure Of The Casting

The GTB Fashion weekend casting seemed like a fairly organised affair. As a matter of fact, not only did they stick to time but the models were given tags, allowed to walk one after the other. There was hardly any confusion whatsoever. As a result, models knew where to go, what was going on and so on.


The Venue And Date

The casting was held at Muson Center at Onikan. Not a bad venue at all, however, the date, 26th of September, left a lot to be desired. It was a weekday, It was probably not convenient for a lot of the models that made it there.

Finally, a lot of models were picked for the GTB fashion weekend.  Eleven from Beth Models, at least three from few and another three from Catch22 Models. Some models from Lex Academy made the cut with lots of new faces in the mix.



GTB fashion weekend casting



GTB fashion weekend casting

Models From Few Management



GTB fashion weekend casting

Models From Beth Model Management



Summary The GTB Fashion Weekend casting was quite a structured and impressive event.

Choice of Models
Venue and Date

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