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In case you are still in doubt if you should set up a fashion blog and Instagram account for your very fashionable toddler, let Sparkle inspire you!

Sparkles, a New Jersey native and one of the stylish kids on the web, has so much style that you want to somehow transfer some of it onto your adult self!

Real name Summer G, Sparkles has an Instagram account where style inspiration posts are dropped on a regular basis. The account is managed by her mom and dad, and she has over 22k followers!

She also has a website that highlights and captures the adventurous life of a four-year old. Categories on the website include her style diary, hair, beauty, videos and a page that you can shop.

Still wondering if you should help your fashionista kid become a fashion blogger?

Sparkles’ mother, Simone Gittens runs a kids clothing site called Louis B Kids, and she helps her daughter dress up in all those nice and trendy outfits and accessories – from rompers, oversized hats, floral leggings, jumpsuits, sundresses, fur and print coats to star-shaped glasses, Sparkles obviously has her style figured out!

While there are a lot of stylish toddlers out there, Sparkles has got to be one of the outstanding ones – with her winning and star attitude and consistency with her posting! She puts up posts almost on a daily basis!

This is no longer the time where you cover or hide your child’s talent and potentials – you’d be surprised how far you can help your kid go if you let follow their paths now!

So, if you got a fashionista kid, take a cue from Miss Summer G aka Sparkles today.

See some pictures of her below:


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