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Welcome To Your Number One Nigerian Fashion Resource .

Welcome To Your Number One Nigerian Fashion Resource .

“I have just about had it with the Nigerian fashion industry,” I said to myself. I hadn’t gotten a single decent modelling job after months of signing a contract with a modelling agency. It felt like I was just wasting my time with a bunch of selfish people who had interests only in satisfying their own needs.

I mean how can an agency with not more than three staff successfully manage a thousand models. It was just plain ridiculous! Most of the jobs I got were through my own efforts, and after getting the jobs, they’d still come demanding for their 30%. It was time to call it quits. “I’d rather be a freelance model than have them milk me of the little jobs I managed to get by myself.” I said to myself.

From the look of things, the agency had interests in the registration fees models paid to sign with them only. After that, the models were on their own.

For me I started in the worst possible way, I signed up with an agency that was nothing more than a fraud.

Even as a freelance model, things were rough, the modelling industry seemed to cater for only those that were willing to compromise, or those that had “connections”, it was just sad. I did not know where to go, what to do or even how to get scouted. I was basically just floating, moving along with the current to wherever I was carried to.


More often than not, most aspiring models have gone through something similar with several quack modelling agencies out there. That’s why I decided to start F and F Fashion. I want models to have a platform of fashion resource in Nigeria. I realised there is not enough information on the industry.

If you are not a model, you can still stick around as I will be researching a lot more than modeling.


So who am I?

My name is Deji Okufi and I’m an ex-model, I have been involved in the Nigerian fashion industry for about seven years

.Deji Okufi Nigerian Fashion

I have spent the last two years doing an in-depth analysis of the industry and I have taken several courses to ensure that I deliver with the best possible guidance.

Matter of fact not only have I taken fashion related courses, I have also taken how-to-start-a-blog related courses.


Who am I working with

I’m going to be working with Dara Ogbetah,

A prolific writer, aspiring model and artiste, Darasimi Ogbetah is a student of Mass Communication, Bowen University. Her love for arts and entertainment makes her a useful item for the entertainment industry, and because she has also been one of those “aspiring models” who have had their dreams cut short by rather greedy modeling agencies, she’s just the perfect one to give you fashion, entertainment and modeling tips and advice. This is why, of course, she’s at the best of the best – F and F Fashion Blog. Watch this space!

Dara Ogbetah Nigerian Fashion

Why am I doing this?

My mission is to help as many people as possible carry out their dreams and goals in the fashion industry.

So I decided to constantly research the fashion industry and record my findings with an in-depth analysis and my opinion.


What To Expect From Me

Needless I say how big the fashion industry is. I will cover as much as I can in the industry exploring different categories


Since this is the category I have the most experience, I will be talking a lot about the modelling industry. Models, modelling agencies, castings, pageantry and so many more.

Fashion (Style, Apparels, Shoes…)

You can trust me to talk about different apparels, designs, shoes, accessories and so many more.

I’d also be talking about personal styles.

Beauty and Cosmetics.

If all that really  interests you is cosmetics and how you can beautify yourself we will be sure to talk about that too.

Fashion Photography.

i am least familiar with this category but I’d be doing a lot of research to make sure i get this right. Oh I’d also be working with a lot of  professional fashion photographers.


But how does fitness relate to fashion? I can hear you asking. We all love to look good and fashion is basically looking good. Yes there are more benefits in fitness than looking good, but who are we kidding? Majority of us workout for aesthetic reasons. Big biceps and triceps, flat stomach with six-pack abs or even tight-big buttocks. So yes i have decided to categorise it under Fashion.


I’m looking forward to sharing all these information with you and I hope to build a long-lasting relationship with every one of you.

PS: If there’s any other thing(s) you want me to talk about, you can leave a comment in the comment segment.


About The Author

Deji Okufi

Whenever Deji Okufi is not spending all his time scouting for new models or researching the modelling and fashion industry, he's researching ways he can deliver better content for his readers. In an attempt to control his obsession for perfectionism he also studies Digital Marketing.

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