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Hey fashionistas! How’s your weekend starting? So I got one question for the ladies today – would you rock the thong jeans?!

Even if this is your first time hearing of the thong jeans, I’m sure that name alone has painted pictures in your head. Well, let me help with your decision by showing you a close picture of the infamous thong jeans:

Image og the Thonged Jean

So there it is – tattered blue jeans with a thong cut back, open legs, and ankle cuffs! Does the thong jeans ring your bell, or do you agree with others that think designers go too far, especially the Japanese designer responsible for the thong jeans – Meiko Ban?

The “Yandy Runway Thong Jeans Costume” cost about $60 and debuted at the Amazon Fashion Week in Japan. This denim piece is a part of Thibaut’s -Spring/Summer 2018 collection and it leaves your entire rear bare and open to be gaped and gawked out.

Now except you are into showing off your fine derriere AND crotch, your hot lingerie or just your well-exercised thighs, I don’t know where any sane person would wear this kind of garment to – except say maybe a costume party, of which I know several of you might need a few drinks in to pull this off.

What I do know however, is that once this jean is on the market, some celeb is going to pick it up and flaunt what their mama gave them in it. I am wondering what it would look like on someone like Kim Kardashian – I am not sure I even want to know. I am thinking more of somebody like Emma Watson, but I don’t see her wearing it.

To bring it home, maybe Niniola should try it orrrr Denrele Edun!

The internet is not very impressed with this new piece of clothing… yet. There were comments about it on Twitter. Some of them said,

“This planet really just needs an asteroid hit.”
“That.. is the most impractical and ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.. would never wear it”
“So apparently thong jeans are now a thing, I’d say burn them all but there’s nothing to burn.”

That last tweet cracked me up real good! So back to my question ladies, would you rock this thong jeans, and where would you wear it to?

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